Pat & Donna Remember When Show

A Show About The 50s, 60s and 70s - Featuring The Music That Underscored Our Lives   

Uniquely fresh yet familiar.      For Booking Call Donna: 218-349-7908 

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Watch a short, entertaining promo video below.

Pat and Donna's popular show, Remember When, features hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s woven with: riveting back-stories, relatable and hysterical husband-wife banter (think Sonny and Cher), Donna dramatically interpreting the songs with Performance Sign Language, interactive segments like ‘Name That Tune’ with prizes - and you, the audience - as you sing (and sign) along (Donna teaches the sign to 'Hallelujah'). Oh, yes, then there is Donna's dancing - recalling the dances of the 60s, and even her signature Tina Turner moves to Pat’s ‘Proud Mary.’

And, cue - the band! Even though, with their 'duo show', they do not have their band physically with them (which fits this show into many more budgets)  - the band is there - thanks to technology. In some of the show segments, great musicians are behind Pat and Donna on tracks (fiddle, pedal steel, bass, acoustic drums). The musicians that you hear in these recordings are their Grammy Award-winning band, The Boundary Water Boys (2 Grammys with 5 nominations!). These are tracks that Pat produced and recorded with his band (not downloaded off the internet). And that is electrifying. Folks really appreciate that this is all Pat's music. And because the band is there, they can even offer a dance set with the show (frequently requested). Dance not only 60s dances (the twist, monkey, jerk, watusi, pony, swim, remember?) but Pat and his band also play Country, Salsa, and more (listen below). 

If you read Pat's story, you know that he was abandoned as an infant and eventually adopted into a family with a music legacy that dates back to William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy - The Singing Cowboy) - the LaPlants - and brought to Grand Rapids, MN.There, he grew to 6’8” tall and became an all-star basketball player and college coach.

Then music called, and in 1987 Pat hit the road as a full-time touring artist. While on tour, he met his wife, Donna - an actor, singer, dancer, and Performance Artist in Sign for the Hearing Impaired - and at only 5’0” literally the ‘wind beneath Pat’s wings.’ Blend Pat’s rich, mellow voice, finger-style guitar, and easy-going, folksy Minnesota demeanor with Donna’s New York City energy, quick-wit, and ‘more moves than a can of worms’ - and you have a dynamic duo along with non-stop entertainment.

So bring Pat and Donna to your community in a show with a really cool vintage vibe - with singing and dancing - (and even Donna running around the audience with a cordless mic involving everyone off the stage as well). So much fun!

Cut through the hazy marching of time and bring the past back into focus... Remember When.

Please read the comments below to fully understand the show experience from the perspective of audience and entertainment committee members.

(Pat and Donna also offer a Gospel Show - I’ll Fly Away)

They bring props, sets and colorful led stage lights - and can supply a sound system if needed. Addiitonal musicians can be added if your budget allows.

Check out our promo video. (Click on the box between HD and Vimeo for full screen.)

Read the fabulous comments below!

Listen To A Sample Of Our Music

Thanks for keeping this music alive, Pat! Keep on...

Pete Seeger

When our committee saw Pat and Donna at a showcase, we all gave them 10s and booked them to perform at our community. Their show was wonderful. Our residents said it was the best show we've brought to them. Funny, fun, great familiar music - lots of sing-a-longs. And Donna's contribution was unique and very touching and entertaining. We want to bring them back (and it is our policy to never do that - but our residents have spoken). 

Lake Region Village - Haines City, FL

We loved your show! There were over 200 people in this room and you could hear a pin drop. You had us all every moment. You made us laugh. You made us cry. The journey back in time you took us on was incredible. All of these songs that we don't get to hear anymore and forgot how much we loved brought back so many memories. We were all singing along. It was so much fun! The love beads! The comedy! Your voice, Pat - it is so beautiful! And your signing, Donna - we have never seen anything like that - it was mesmerizing! You both really knew your audience. We have had shows here that missed who we are - a 55+ community. Your show was perfect entertainment for all of us. We didn't want it to end. We could have stayed and watched you all night! Thank you so much for bringing your special talents to our community. We hope you come back!

Stone Creek - Ocala, FL

Thank you so much for bringing your incredible show, Remember When, to our community! It was so much fun. We loved playing 'Name That Tune' and getting our love beads. And the Folk Rap - Puff The Magic Dragon Rap - that was hysterical! We loved singing along with you, Pat - songs we love - and learning how to sign 'Hallelujah' and signing along with you, Donna. It was our favorite show of the season. Please come back.

Sarasota Bay, Bradenton, FL

Pat and Donna's show is like nothing else we have ever booked in our community. It is a SHOW with our favorite music and humor and stories that took us back. Pat's singing is amazing, and Donna's signing is riveting. And together they are a funny and relatable married couple who we all got to know and love.

Village Green - Vero Beach, FL

Pat and Donna - I must tell you of the reaction I got, about your performance, from the fifty guests at our party at the club this past weekend. I can't recall a party where everyone went on and on about how much fun they had. I must have gotten an e-mail from every couple, all expressing the same thoughts.  The sing alongs, the 'Name That Tune' game (with our love beads prizes), and the fantastic music (with your incredible Boundary Water Boys band tracks!) that had us dancing - all contributed to making it so special. Our sincerest thanks...

John Marnocha, MD  Bonita Bay

Pat and Donna did an awesome job here at Cloverleaf. Everyone loved it - we heard 'best show of the season' repeatedly. Unique and refreshing. And best of all - Pat's is REAL music - that HE is peforming. Not canned back-up like we have seen and heard so often. Love it.

Cloverleaf Farms - Booksville, FL

Hello Pat and Donna,  Thank you for coming to Austin and sharing your wonderful music, your good humor, your sign language, your enthusiasm, your necklaces, your CDs and so much more. I also think Pat has one of the most easy listening voices there is.  It is smooth, clear, and easy to understand. What an awesome show.

Larry Dolphin - Hormel Nature Center, Austin, MN

It was our pleasure and a privilege to meet you both. We loved the show. We feel that having folks like you touch our lives in such a positive way, is certainly a blessing. We are really looking forward to your return engagement.

Venice Isles - Venice, FL

We loved your show this season. It was so much fun, we just booked it for next season - and we never book shows 2 years in a row. All of our residents want you back asap. Thank you!

Ridgewood Meadows - Ellenton, FL

“Remember When” was a huge hit! Our audience loved hearing their favorite songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Pat Surface’s voice is rich and beautiful, and the entire show is woven with great songs, wonderful stories, and fun doses of humor to make for a wonderful musical journey.  

Amy Stoller Stearns - Executive Director, Historic Holmes Theatre, Detroit Lakes, MN

To only the best performers/entertainers I've been blessed to see and hear - Took in your Remember When show in Detroit Lakes 7.14.16 - came home full of joy, contentment and peace. When Pat sings it is like warm maple syrup being poured on pancakes. And the beauty of Donna as she glides across the stage is like a flower opening up at sunrise. I just can't find the complete verbiage to describe how you affected the audience and myself. I wish you all the best always!

Jan - Detroit Lakes, MN

I had the pleasure of running spotlight for your performances at Hostfest.. and I have to say you guys were hands down the most memorable show there.. and Ill never forget the sign for Halleluja :0!

Echo - Norsk Hostfest, Minot, ND

If you are  looking for the perfect way  to enhance your event or spend an evening, you will find it in Pat Surface’s unique way of entertainment.  Be ready to sit back and relax and take in Pat’s story, woven with his music of the 60’s and 70’s, and a great sense of humor. Now add Donna’s Surface’s simply beautiful way of signing to Pat’s music and rapport with her audience. You now have the recipe for a truly memorable event or evening. 

Try it. I guarantee you will be hooked!

Elizabeth (Liz) Melting - Executive Secretary, PATH Administrative Services - Families Making A Difference

Pat and Donna's show Remember When is a unique, entertaining, refreshing and interactive event. Our members loved it and we have booked them again. A perfect evening's entertainment for residents and members of any community and club. Book them.

Bo White - GM, Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club 

Pat and Donna put on a great show called "Remember When" that was superb. The interaction with the audience was very well received. The most common and frequent comment I received after the show was, "That was a Great Show"! If you like nostalgic, family friendly folk music, then this couple will certainly not disappoint your audience.

Dave Graber
Entertainment Chairman for Bahia Vista Estates
Sarasota, Florida  

Dear Pat and Donna, Thank you for the wonderful program. Everyone was thrilled with your performance! The loving relationship you share as a couple was as beautiful to see as your program.

Sincerely, Shirley DeJean - Venice Isles                   


All of this iconic, nostalgic music is recorded on Pat's Remember When / Songwriter 7 CD Collection of - 60s, 70s, (& 50s) songs - on Pat's record label, Spiritwood Music. 90 songs. Nearly 7 hours of music. And no song is repeated! 

Check out the collection here.