Magical Musical Happening

Remember When - A Magical Musical Happening - Our groovy hit show!      Call Donna - 218-349-7908

Our company, Spiritwood Music, is a registered record label that licenses all the classic music we play, and a corporation that carries liability insurance to indemnify the venues we perform in.


magical.jpgA Multi-Media Extravaganza

  • It's a magical night when an unprecedented cosmic event lets music travel through time and space - back in time and back to the future
  • Incorporating dynamic videos that take you back in time

Award-Winning and Iconic

  • Fresh presentations of iconic, popular songs of the 60s & 70s
  • Featuring Pat and Donna Surface with core members of their award-winning back-up musicians

Dynamic Community Involvement

  • Showcasing your local talent from theater, orchestra, dance, adult and children’s choral groups
  • Musical arrangements by renowned composer, Dr. James Grant
  • Overture to exciting opening video - chart available for Piano 4 Hands by Dr. Grant - 2 pianists - 1 piano!
  • Band charts by 2-time Grammy Award-winner, John Ely

This show gets the audience involved.  Here are some of the options:  

  • Audience is encouraged to come dressed as hippies - and prizes will be awarded for the coolest outfit     
  • Local radio and TV celebrities will judge the outfits and present the prizes during intermission 
  • The ‘show’ actually begins outside the theater - immediately creating a ‘happening’ atmosphere
  • Hippie Flower Children greet audience with flowers and love beads 
  • Performers outside the theater portray both sides of the 60’s sentiment: Hippies carry signs that say ‘Make Love Not War,’ ‘Peace,’ town folk (like 'church ladies') protest the show with disdain and carry signs that say ‘Down With Hippies’ and 'Love Is NOT Free!'

Tailored to Your Venue

  • No venue too small - no venue too big - this show is limited only by the size and budget of your venue
  • The featured performers can include just Pat and Donna, or up to a 9 piece band, with limitless community volunteer involvement

A Special Fun-Raising Event supporting the Spiritwood 'Forget Me Not' Foundation and the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease

View the promotional video below

“Remember When” was a huge hit! Our audience loved hearing their favorite songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Pat Surface’s voice is rich and beautiful, and the entire show is woven with great songs, excellent musicians and fun doses of humor to make for a wonderful musical journey.  

~ Amy Stoller Stearns - Executive Director, Historic Holmes Theatre

For additional info, available dates, and booking call: 218-365-6851 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.