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Our company, Spiritwood Music, is a registered record label that licenses all the classic music we play, and a corporation that carries liability insurance to indemnify the venues we perform in.

January 1, 2018

Dear Pat and Donna,

Wow!  What a great time everyone had at the dance party last night.  The music selection was perfect--just about everyone got up on the dance floor.  And Donna, you have such a knack at reading the crowd and keeping the party going.  Pat, you are so talented!  So glad we could get you to our park and look forward to your return!
Barbara - Japanese Gardens, Venice FL

Are you planning a community or country club affair, party, wedding, dance night, reunion, or corporate event? We can customize a music experience that blends the right sounds, and create the perfect atmosphere for your special gathering. We produce celebrations that are fun and unique to you.

We bring dynamic LED lights that create a party atmosphere, and a state of the art sound system that includes a cordless mic for roaming fun.

We have multiple iPads and devices to seamlessly segue songs and tag team live performing with original artist favorites, and download requested songs on the spot.

We will create anything for you graphically, (posters, flyers, etc.) to promote your event.

Dancing By The Decade: We are known for our music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s - but we can also be 'a little bit country - a little bit rock and roll' - with a little salsa on top.

Holidays: Every holiday is unique, and so is the way we construct our music. From our incredible New Year's Eve Blast to our romantic Valentine's Day Show/Dance (All You Need Is Love) we have the music and the vibe to fit.

Cue - the band! Even though we do not have our band physically with us (which fits our work into many more budgets)  - the band is there - thanks to technology. We specialize in live performing by Pat Surface (aka Surf) singing and playing his guitar with his Grammy Award-winning band - on tracks that he produced and recorded. And we even play "Name That Tune" with prizes!

Listen to some classics by Pat and Donna

King Of The Road - Brown Eyed Girl - I'm A Believer - Abilene - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow -

Wagon Wheel - Feeling Groovy - Brandy


Moonbeam's American Top 40

Are you looking for a DJ for your party?

Again, we specialize in the music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, but we have access to thousands of songs and can build a playlist that flows perfectly for your event and vision. We can mix genres, tempos, instrumentals, vocals, and add specific requests by you to the list of songs. Our groovy DJ, Moonbeam, will seamlessly blend your favorite songs by the original artists with Pat (Surf) singing classics live with his band.

You have the option of combining our DJ services and Pat for your event - or choosing DJ alone.

Meet our DJ - Moonbeam, The Goddess Of Groove

Learn more about Donna (aka Moonbeam) here. A popular radio personality and performer, Donna brings a groovy vintage vibe with her music and exuberance.









Pat and Donna - I must tell you of the reaction I got, about your performance, from the fifty guests at our party at the club this past weekend. I can't recall a party where everyone went on and on about how much fun they had. I must have gotten an e-mail from every couple, all expressing the same thoughts.  The sing alongs, the 'Name That Tune' game (with our love beads prizes), and the fantastic music (with your incredible Boundary Water Boys band tracks!) that had us dancing - all contributed to making it so special. Our sincerest thanks...

John Marnocha, MD - Bonita Bay

Moonbeam our 60s DJ - what fun! The vintage party atmosphere - a blast to the past - and the energy and enthusiasm generated from that is hard to put in words. So interactive - Moonbeam out there in the audience with a cordless mic - giving 'love beads' - the iconic music with sing-a-longs -  we even had hula hoop contest! Surf singing all of our favorites! Remembering and re-learning those fun dances from the 60s (the Twist, Monkey, Pony, Swim, Jerk, Watusi and more) - Moonbeam out there leading us. Line dancing, salsa, there is so much variety - not like any other dance night we have had. 

West Coast Retirement Group

Dear Pat

We were honored that you shared your beautiful voice with us and our guests!  You are such a talent.  Everyone enjoyed your music so very much.
You are also a kind, thoughtful person.  You parents did it all "right" when they raised you!  
Thank you for making our party so classy .....everyone loved you!

Cherry and Dick - Naples, FL


Pat and Donna also offer their popular stage show about the 50s, 60s, and 70s - Remember When. Check it out here.

All of this iconic, nostalgic music is recorded on Pat's Remember When / Songwriter 7 CD Collection of - 60s, 70s, (& 50s) songs - on Pat's record label, Spiritwood Music. 90 songs. Nearly 7 hours of music. And no song is repeated!  Check out the collection here.