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Ely, Minnesota Established in 2000‚ and based in Ely‚ Minnesota at the edge of The Boundary Waters Wilderness Area‚ Spiritwood Music was formed to produce acoustic music that is still pure and true and always respectful of its roots (which are as diverse as you can get). American roots music blends styles and rhythms and traditions from around the world – a great patchwork quilt of sound. And just like the components of a hand-made quilt‚ all the pieces of this sound vary as much as the people and scenery of our country – but they join together to create something warm and wonderful that covers us all. Spiritwood Music is America’s music…the sound of where we came from‚ where we are going‚ and who we are.

We created our company not only to make music‚ but to connect this music to missions and visions that extend beyond our horizon. Many of our projects benefit causes we are passionate about‚ such as The Long Goodbye‚ (which supports the quest to conquer Alzheimer’s disease) and Lullabies & Love Songs‚ (which is dedicated to the protection of children and the prevention of child abuse). We are active environmentally‚ and support wilderness‚ wildlife‚ and conservation organizations such as The North American Bear Center‚ The International Wolf Center‚ and The Listening Point Foundation – as well as the efforts of Polar-explorer‚ Will Steger (honored in our DVD project‚ Spirit Of The Wilderness – a beautiful wilderness film underscored by our music‚ with “Bonus Features” that include an interview with Will and footage of his Arctic explorations).

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The divisions of our company include: The Spiritwood Foundation‚ (non-profit and designed to fund our causes) Spiritwood Music Publishing‚ (which catalogs and licenses our original music) Spiritwood Music Events & Promotions‚ (the contact for booking our entertaining‚ uplifting concerts and other events) our Christian division‚ (which offers our inspiring “Bridge Music” – created to connect the spiritual and secular worlds) and the Spiritwood Music Wholesale Division. Spiritwood Music distributes CDs and DVDs nationally; both retail (at concerts‚ festivals‚ and other events our artists perform at) and wholesale (at specialty and niche shops as well as large national outlets‚ and chain stores catering to wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts).

Our catalog of acoustic music is growing to meet the demand for lyrical and melodic selections to underscore distinctive lifestyles. From our series of relaxing instrumental CDs with Sigurd Olson titles (and beautiful Jim Brandenburg Northwoods covers) to our traditional‚ ethnic and Gospel music‚ our Discography is diverse‚ vibrant‚ and dynamic – just like the cultures that inspired it. On this website you can view our current and upcoming releases‚ listen to clips from all of our CDs‚ order or download‚ and learn more about our artists and our music… recorded “earth-friendly” at a wind & solar–powered studio in the wilderness.

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