Donna Surface - See The Music


Donna's desire to learn American Sign Language was not simply about learning another language. It was about accessing another culture. Artistic communication is her passion. As an actress in New York City, she appreciated using the body as an instrument to communicate. As an author, (her acclaimed book, Burn Fat For Fuel is on nutrition, exercise, and aging) she struggled with what she calls, "an extremely unsatisfying way to express yourself - words. Words alone can be so limiting!"

Donna has always sought out dramatic means of expression. She began dancing at three years old, and found in dance an outlet for her need to move people...through movement. Then she integrated her dance background into her bodybuilding career with graceful posing routines at competitions. Through performance sign language, she added another medium to convey intent and emotion. She feels sign language is a profoundly beautiful and articulate way of communicating. "In fact," she says, "it may the most eloquent and expressive language of all. Again, the body is an instrument to communicate"

American Sign Language is the second largest language used in our country. It is the language of the American Deaf community (ASL is common only in the U.S. and some provinces of Canada). Compelling and moving to watch, an Interpretive Sign Performance is a combination of American Sign Language, dance, acting, and mime. It is a way for the Deaf community to appreciate the music, but it "amplifies" the words for the hearing world as well. "To Deaf people, the picture of communication painted by vowels and consonants, pitch and loudness pales in comparison to the vibrant images that jump off the fingers and hands, face, and body of a person signing."

Donna adds another dimension to Pat's concerts as she brings his words and music to life - so you can "See The Music."

See The Music - Glossing Songs and Performance Art In Sign Workshop



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