We met at the Apple Festival. I couldn't help point out to our son that someone could have a similar story to his. Hunter our son was left at a children's shelter when he was 8. Then sent to the foster system not knowing anyone. We have now adopted him he is 14 with a lot of learning disabilities but about a year ago he pick up a guitar and now he sings in church.(and the kid can sing). So it was a good thing for Hunter to see someone else with a similar story, he can see it will be okay. Just an encouragement to you, you never know who you might touch singing for Jesus on the street. Thank you, Rick and Brenda

Donna and Pat:

On Monday, Jeanne and I had doctors appointments at 9 AM.  After fighting traffic, parking, and waiting time in the office, finished at 1130AM.  We had eye appointments at 1 PM, so after more traffic, parking, and waiting for our eye exams, we finished up and headed home, tired, exhausted, and feeling down, we again faced traffic, construction, etc.   
I put on your CD "Day by Day".   Your calming and soothing voice bringing forth faith, hope, and love, along with Pat's wonderful voice singing all those wonderful hymns gave us new strength, and regenerated our bodies.  This CD has brought forth much joy and happiness to both of us.  Our friends have all thanked us for giving them the CD "Day by Day."     
This year we are giving them the CD "Hallelujah".
"Hallelujah" is just another amazing successful Journey you have sent us all on.Thank You.   
We want to thank you both for your wonderful songs and your faith, hope and Love. Wishing you much more success in the many years ahead.
Our Best Always,                                     
Jeanne and Herb

I originally heard Pat sing at an art festival in Naples, Fl..  His voice was so outstanding I actually stopped to listen and was so impressed I bought some CDs.  After listening to them several times I contacted him about performing at the Fireside room at the Bonita Bay country club for a private party. He was most impressive  with his musical talent, his interaction with the guests, his wife Donna's "signing" several songs [for the hearing impaired], and a selection of songs we [ages 50 to 75] could remember and actually understand the words. 

The reaction of the guests was to rave to club management about this talented man and to strongly urge them to hire him for performances at the club.

This has transpired and his continued performances here have resulted in his being booked for the concert series here at Bonita Bay.  Along with this, members have found him to be the perfect entertainment for private parties and house concerts. Thank you Spiritwood Music!

John Marnocha MD

To only the best performers/entertainers I've been blessed to see and hear - Took in your Remember When show in Detroit Lakes 7.14.16 - came home full of joy, contentment and peace. When Pat sings it is like warm maple syrup being poured on pancakes. And the beauty of Donna as she glides across the stage is like a flower opening up at sunrise. I just can't find the complete verbiage to describe how you affected the audience and myself. I wish you all the best always!

Jan - Detroit Lakes, MN

Dear Pat and Donna,

I wanted to say thank you for your amazing and generous gift to help support my mission and ministry. I am deeply touched by your faith in me to share God's love and I can't tell you how much your gift means to me - the dream of walking with our brothers and sisters around the world is a privilege I didn't dare to dream - but it is one I'm blessed with and I am so grateful. To have amazing people in my life like you both, who know what it is to feel called to share God's love in beautiful and crazy ways that don't always make sense to others - to have you support me in this - truly warms my heart. I promise to use the money well, and can't wait to tell the story of another journey with the help of your amazing music! Thank you for everything!

God Bless you,

Pastor Megan


On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for the warmth and hugs before the concert in Menahga, and a special thank you for the sweet and respectful way you acknowledged Willie's role in your history. It means so much to all of us that he hasn't been forgotten by those whose lives he touched.

As always, we loved every minute of the concert. Honestly, your beautiful voice just keeps getting even better and better. It was fun to hear all the positive comments from the relatives who hadn't heard you before. Again, thank you!

Blessings and love,

Alice & Family

Just wanted to let you know the CD's I ordered  arrived just in time for my birthday last week (they were a gift from my husband) and I have been thoroughly enjoying them in my car.  The best part is that Pat sings so clearly I can hear all the words--I often find myself thinking "so that's what that part of that song was that I could never understand when I heard it "way back when"!

Thanks again for making beautiful music!


Hi, I just wanted to thank you and Pat for the Day by Day devotions. For my drive to work one devotion track and one song is the perfect length. I can't think of a better way to start my day then hearing a dear friend share a devotion followed by Pat's beautiful music. Thank you!


I'm the guy who got the goosebumps when I walked by and Pat played/sang Hallelujah...and then continued on into some of my favorite songs ever. It is uncanny how many you hit. I did purchase the second album...and will shortly purchase more.

It is rare what you have...a gift indeed...that brings peace to my world.  It is a person like yourself that I would  love to see on the show The Voice...but then again....what you have given us now...is so special...why would anyone want to change that?

So...thank you for your music...and your spirit that translates so well into your song. I am blessed to have stumbled upon you.

Kindest regards....


Pat and Donna,

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for making our party so much fun last night.  You were both a hit with everyone and I'm hopeful you'll get plenty of future business as a result.

One of our Verandah friends said last night, "this party is one for the record books" - because of you..... so great job.


Pat and Donna,

Just wanted to say thanks again for everything - the easy planning and, most of all, the wonderful music, complete with the personal touch with the requests, particularly the impromptu anniversary song.  The group who gathered are still talking about the wonderful evening, several neighbors have thanked me for the great music, what a great success.  Pat's music created so many wonderful memories for everyone who heard him perform that evening that will stay with us for a long time.  Several of us are already planning the next gatherings and there are some really good ideas.  We'll be in touch.  You guys are very special.  Take good care.  See you again before too long, quite sure about that. 


Pat and Donna,

It was our pleasure and a privilege to meet you both. We loved your show Friday night! We feel that having folks like you touch our lives in such a positive way, is certainly a blessing. We are members of a non denominational church here at Venice Isle Estates.  We are going to share our enthusiasm ( and your gospel CD ) with our pastor, and encourage her and the church board to hire you for our annual church dinner next season.

Kindest Regards,
Gary and Joyce

Hi Donna and Pat,

I was going to write you an old fashioned letter to thank you for coming to Clinton to celebrate my birthday, but then I realized that you will be driving would receive the letter in two weeks. So I guess I have to resort to modern impersonal technology!!

Thank you so much for contributing immensely to the festive atmosphere of the party.  Pat, you are a real trooper to share the stage with 5 years olds who were having the time of their young lives. I will remember that, but also remember your rendition of "Today" and think of you and my younger brother.  Donna, thank you for signing while Pat was singing. Beautiful.

All special and unforgettable.



Dear Pat,

My Daddy used to say "God puts you where you are supposed to be - when you are supposed to be there!"  A few weeks ago I found three of your CDs in a shop in Fargo. and I was immediately drawn in by the write-up on the back cover and your reference to "your Minnesota home" and how it shaped your music and life.  I bought the CDs and popped them into my car CD player for the trip back to Vergas.  I was a fan immediately!!!!  The blending of Irish, blue grass, gospel, and folk music is magical - and these three CDs are the only ones in my CD player in my gazebo since arriving back in Vergas. I just ordered all your CDs from Donna. What an absolute sweetheart she is!!!!!  We had a wonderful conversation and I can hardly wait to be able to play all the CDs and DVDs!!!!  I have a wire CD holder on top of the little table for my CD player that will be cleared out as soon as I get done typing this message, so that it will be reserved for all things PAT SURFACE!!!!

Didn't mean to ramble on, but wanted you to know how absolutely thrilled I am to have found your CDs, talk with your dear wife, and put in an order. I told Donna, "I have two requests that I hope Pat will record someday - Precious Memories and Mary Did You Know - and she said you'd already done them and I'd be getting them in my order!  What a thrill!!

You are truly an incredible musician.  Your music not only reflects your heritage, but also your love of this earth and Mother Nature!   

God Bless you both!!!!!  

Most sincerely,



A dear friend who summers in Ely, was kind enough to purchase The Long Goodbye for me in honor of my mother who suffers with dementia.  YOU were kind enough to include an additional CD, Forget Me Not.  I received them both yesterday.  Thank you for your generosity!

My friend says you're familiar with the dementia journey because of your dad.  It's a long road made easier by the encounters I have with caring folks like you along the way.

With sincere thanks,


Hi Pat, we were soooo happy we found you in Venice! We almost left because you were not in your usual spot on the corner. You are the only reason we come to the art show - we have loved your music for years.
Thank you for your gift!

Hi Donna and Pat

Thank you so much for your gift of The Long Goodbye that you gave us in Stuart. We sent it right off to our friend Jan who is living with her mother, Bonnie, who has Alzheimer's. Here's the story Jan told when she called us yesterday: Friday the caretaker's car wouldn't start. It had rained and snowed the day before. Jan was late to her job as a school nurse. When she returned home at the end of the day, the CD was in the mail and she put it in the player. She loves it, both Pat's mellow voice, and the choice of songs. It helped with the surprise of finding her mom, normally just short of comatose, playing dominoes (accurately) and telling the caretaker all about life on the land around her house when it was a farm. Bonnie hasn't carried on a conversation in months.  What an odd, and emotionally painful disease. The next morning Mom spoke of the lovely music that was playing the night before. Jan is so grateful for your gift, and your thoughtfulness.


Hello Donna and Pat,

We went to the Pat Surface Channel on Youtube and saw the video of you and the bear signing, and The Best Song Ever! What great fun. Looked like you were having a total blast! Toni said "She lives so easily in her body" We saw most of the videos that were online. I will check out Lynn Rogers and loved Strength of Will.

Thanks again for your music and your fun.

 Dick and Toni

I had the pleasure of running spotlight for your performances at Hostfest.. and I have to say you guys were hands down the most memorable show there.. and Ill never forget the sign for Halleluja :0!


I was so happy to give my friends such a special gift that night at my home in Mediterrra, the music of Pat Surface!  Everyone said it was their best evening of the season!! Oh please come back to the northeast sometime soon for a Cape Cod concert on the beach!!


To American Craft Endeavors c/o Spiritwood Music

Thank you for another amazing event here in Bonita Springs.  We enjoyed the art and the entertainment was, spectacular. 

We are awed by Pat Surface's talent.  The song Pat wrote about the Orphan Train would be perfect for the soundtrack as theme song if they make a movie out of the book.  The words were so touching particularly considering his background.  Wish I knew someone who put song writers and movie people together.  What a talented guy. 

Thank you for exposing us to his great talent.

Susan and Bob


Dear Pat Surface
I just wanted you to know that I prayed for God to bring joy back to me after a tragedy of this past year. I got busy and was cleaning house and began to play the CDs I own that you produced (Holy Wind, Songwriter, and Songwriter Three). It was a wonderful uplifting day that I did not want to end. Please continue to make music!
God Bless You!!!


I enjoyed meeting you at the Venice Art Fair last week-end.  I have attended this event for the last three or four years and now have at least a dozen of your husband's CDs.  In fact, that is just about the only reason I go to that event.
Keep up the good work.  I really enjoy the music.


Just got the LittleFolkSongs album and, of course, had to drop everything to listen to  it.  I love the cover and the colors of the different fonts. The  colors make it so easy to read the various information and gives the  album a youthful feel.

Another fabulous album...I love hearing Pat's originals.  My favorite  is "Feels So Good To Feel So Bad".  I love the easy swing of that song  and the message is a great one for children and adults.

The line up on the album is a wonderful blend, something to appeal to  everyone.


LittleFolkSongs is sooooooooo cool! Looks great and sounds great. Excellent graphics Donna.  We love it. Wonderful.

Concert was a celebration of life

What an amazing evening. Last Thursday, my husband and I saw a performance by Pat and Donna Surface. They hail from Ely, Minn., and have achieved notoriety across the country - Pat is an award-winning singer/songwriter and producer. Donna, his wife, is a performance artist in sign language, and she not only accompanied Pat in sign, but told funny and moving stories as well.

The concert was not only part of the SFCC ongoing Kaleidoscope series, it was a memorial to a beloved community member who passed away. This moving tribute was really a celebration of life as Pat and Donna even included a song dedicated to Donna's mother who had passed away. What an uplifting event - hearing inspirational music sung, played and signed all evening. Songs like John Denver's "Country Roads", Leonard Cohen's "Halleluiah", and Dan Fogelberg's "Run for the Roses!" Guaranteed at some points there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

The intimate setting of the small theater made for a feeling of sitting around your living room and celebrating life with good friends.

Thank you, Pat and Donna, for giving us a real night to remember.


I met you and your lovely wife today in Estero Florida. Your music is just wonderful. I bought 4 CDs and am looking forward to listening to them for years to come. You, my friend, have a God-given talent and nice to see you are using it for Him. God bless you and your wonderful wife I talked to today at the Art Show.
Mel & Sue

My wife and I purchased some CDs at an Illinois event last October.
There is no way my limited vocabulary can describe how much we’ve enjoyed those albums, excuse me, CDs.
They are wonderful, relaxing, uplifting, fantastic, etc.
And it was great to meet you!
Thanks again, and good luck to you in the future.


Dear Mr. Surface,

I have purchased CDs from you at the Lake County Festival over the last couple of years.  Initially it was my young son's ears that pulled us to your display last year and his ears that have continued us enjoying those initial CDs in the car again and again.  This year I was able to purchase more CDs and wrapped some of them up for gifts.  Many of these gifts are for friends and have gotten such nice feedback from them on how much they enjoy your music.   I also get the question - 'How did you find this?' - kind of like these are a treasure.

The DVD we picked up is enjoyed often as well  - and the interviews on it are an added delight.  One of our friends plays guitar and really enjoyed learning about the LePlant family.    It is good to constantly learn and I really found the DVD to provide just that to my whole family.

Your music and videos really elevate our experience at the Lake County Festival. As I leave, I feel like I have something truly special - and this year have enjoyed giving our friends your music.  It is especially special that you signed these CDs - this is a really nice touch.

I wish You and Your family a year full of blessings.



We went to your concert in Cloquet and it was one of the best I have ever been to.

We didn't want it to end.

Hope you do more in the northland.

Thank you!


Thanks so very much for sending my son a great CD today.  My son was thrilled. To do this for a stranger, let alone a disabled kid...speaks volumes to what great people you are.  Its so appreciated.  My son says: LOVE, DUSTIN.

Thanks again for your kindness...and may your kindness come right back at you 10 fold..


I had my Austin house concert (at my house), which was a week ago Saturday.  It's quite a different experience than with Pat and, although it was a really fun gathering, it also made me appreciate Pat even more!  What he offers that I enjoy so much is not only his own songwriting and the stories behind them, but all the cover songs he does so well that are so much that "Remember When" thing for our Boomer audience.  It just never gets old with Pat, with both the stories that inspire him to write the songs he does and the flat-out entertainment of his really good covers.  Can't wait for our "Welcome Back to the Bay" beach party in the fall.  :-)


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