Something Original - CD

somethingoriginal.jpgBecause you asked for it, here is an album that features all original songs by Pat Surface. Spanning 2 decades of writing, the songs within represent only a fraction of Pat's songwriting catalog. From story songs to moving tributes, Pat's music truly embodies the folk genre. 23 songs!

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Something Original - CD $15.00

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Something Original (All Tracks) $10.00
Orphan Train (8.04 MB) $0.75
Daddy's Chair (6.50 MB) $0.75
Paradise Of Fools (6.72 MB) $0.75
Halls Of St Joes (7.29 MB) $0.75
Take Some Time (8.01 MB) $0.75
Feels So Good To Feel So Bad (8.42 MB) $0.75
House Of Amazing Grace (7.42 MB) $0.75
Changes (7.08 MB) $0.75
End Of The Road (8.04 MB) $0.75
Bell Of The Ball (7.44 MB) $0.75
Repo Man (6.42 MB) $0.75
My Lady Of The Snows (10.08 MB) $0.75
Eye Of The Storm (8.25 MB) $0.75
New Kind Of Lonesome (7.44 MB) $0.75
Strength Of Will (9.11 MB) $0.75
Eye For An Eye (8.45 MB) $0.75
In My Shoes (10.13 MB) $0.75
Bearwalker (6.44 MB) $0.75
Makwa Manido (7.74 MB) $0.75
See You Round The Bend (9.02 MB) $0.75
Keeper Of The Flame (7.85 MB) $0.75
Lullabies And Love Songs (7.85 MB) $0.75
Best Song Ever (8.99 MB) $0.75

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