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Songwriter VI - CD

songwriter5.jpgThe 6th album in our acclaimed Songwriter Series continues our nostalgic musical journey through the 70s to the 60s - and by request, reaching back to the 50s. This collection will really bring the past into focus - as you cut through the hazy marching of time and...Remember When.

No songs are repeated from the other albums in the series.

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Songwriter VI - CD $15.00

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Songwriter VI (All Tracks) $10.00
Sounds Of Silence (6.71 MB) $0.75
Watching The River Run (8.90 MB) $0.75
Me And Bobby McGee (10.91 MB) $0.75
Can't Help Falling In Love (6.60 MB) $0.75
Annie's Song (8.14 MB) $0.75
Every Day (4.39 MB) $0.75
Welcome Back (6.18 MB) $0.75
All I Have To Do Is Dream (5.67 MB) $0.75
It Doesn't Matter Anymore / Bye Bye Love (5.52 MB) $0.75
Stand By Me (10.81 MB) $0.75
Jamaica Farewell (5.54 MB) $0.75
Strength Of Will (9.18 MB) $0.75
Desperado (8.16 MB) $0.75
Where Have All The Flowers Gone (8.89 MB) $0.75