60s & 70s CD Series

60s & 70s (and 50s) CD Series

All 7 albums - nearly 7 hours of music and no repeated songs.

The more you buy, the more you save!
Buy 5 CDs or more and pricing goes down to $10 per CD (1/$15, 2/$25, 3/$35, 4/$45, 5/$50, 6/$60, 7/$70, etc.)

Entire collection on CD - $70

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Hi Pat. I saw you perform in Sarasota and I bought Songwriter 1, 2  & 3. I appreciate your style. You really do justice to many of the songs made famous by singers & writers like John Denver & Leonard Cohen.  So much of today's music is just noise, yours is real music.  I just ordered Songwriter albums 4, 5, 6 & 7 plus the Coffee House Unplugged.  They will add to the earlier ones I am keeping in my car to make my journeys more pleasant. Thank you! Jim Walker

Image Title Price
images/covers/cds/songwriter-sm.jpg Songwriter - CD $15.00
images/covers/cds/songwriter2-sm.jpg Songwriter Two - CD $15.00
images/covers/cds/songwriter3-sm.jpg Songwriter Three - CD $15.00
images/covers/cds/songwriter4-sm.jpg Songwriter IV - CD $15.00
images/covers/cds/songwriter5-sm.jpg Songwriter V - CD $15.00