Nap - Nice And Peaceful - CD

nap.jpgOne of 3 Instrumental Samplers on our label (the other 2 are Cabin Dreams and Superior Solitude) - this peaceful album will take you to a tranquil place with some of the most moving melodies in our instrumental catalog. This special project introduces the beautiful music of composer, James Grant - performed by violist, Michelle LaCourse and pianist,Martin Amlin. NAP also features our award-winning Spiritwood musicians - the 'Northwoods Ensemble' - featuring violins, viola, cello, guitars, piano and flute.

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NAP - Nice And Peaceful (All Tracks) $10.00
Just (3.53 MB) $0.75
Voices (3.15 MB) $0.75
Simple (4.48 MB) $0.75
Waltz (4.56 MB) $0.75
Softly (3.50 MB) $0.75
Jewel (4.98 MB) $0.75
NAP (3.30 MB) $0.75
John (4.22 MB) $0.75
Opening (4.68 MB) $0.75
Athenry (4.61 MB) $0.75
Water (4.43 MB) $0.75
Pachelbel (2.36 MB) $0.75
Gentle (4.95 MB) $0.75
Eyes Of Wonder (4.22 MB) $0.75
Slumber (6.28 MB) $0.75