As an audience member at the Historic Ironwood Theater for Pat and Donna Surface and their wonderful band, I felt a palpable exchange of energy between those of us in the seats and the very engaging performers on the stage. I even felt at several intervals that I was part of the show.

It was a warm and friendly atmosphere featuring nostalgic tunes we could all sing along (and sign along). Several of the songs were performed in front of the theater's impressive screen as it showed videos dramatizing the lyrics in the songs. And speaking of dramatizing lyrics, Donna Surface (a Performance Artist In Sign) offered us her interpretation of the music in American Sign Language, movement and mime. Not knowing what to expect of this aspect of the concert, I was drawn into Donna's compelling and moving part of the show.

And it is in fact a show. It was a night of music, yes, but it was a variety show in the old sense of the word, like you used to find on TV back in the day. Music, humor, dazzling video, in a lively and entertaining show.  

Pat Surface, at the helm of this unique group, has an incredible voice that can wrap around any style of music - and he and his award-winning band of impressive musicians performed for us many iconic songs in their signature fusion-style. Their concert was a feast for the eyes and ears that made for a fun and memorable evening at the theater.

Daily Globe - Ironwood MI

Oh, Donna … we had a BLAST at your show Feelin' Alright! That was awesome! I wish you and Pat continued success.

Bob Massey - Editor Florida Weekly

What a great show!!  Donna did a masterful job of assembling that group of songs and putting together a show that was enjoyable from beginning to end.  It showcased Pat's wonderful vocal talent and the abilities of all of the performers brilliantly.  It flowed perfectly, had humor and style, and never dragged for a moment! A great night at the theater!

Florida Lifestyles

What a FUN show!!! We had such a good time. We have been talking about all we learned about Woodstock. The “back story” was so interesting. The guitar “solos” and being present to watch “Rocket man” do his thing was so awesome. It was all so well done.

Pastor Liz Jensen - Venice Isles

American Top 40 was the best show we have ever had at our community. We wanted your show to go on all night. Everybody has been contacting us about how much they loved you both and your show, and they want you back. The music was incredible. And the Performance Signing was a great surprise and such a wonderful addition (we have many people in our community who use sign language). Great variety entertainment! We have now booked you for our All-Star Show next season - as well as for our New Year's Eve Party! We cannot wait for you to return!

Entertainment Committee - Harbor Isles - Venice, FL



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